Do you ever wonder what happens to your recyclables? Let’s start at the beginning. Recycling starts at home. Any package, can, glass jar, box, plastic bottle, pop can, beer can and drink can you open can be recycled. As you are making your meal, look at the materials you are getting ready to throw away. Most meal preparation will have NO waste when you are done. You can recycle the cardboard boxes from cereal, noodles, cake, hamburger helper, etc. All soup and vegetable cans, your soda & drink cans, any plastic bags, any glass from spaghetti sauce, pickles, etc,  milk jugs and so on and on!


If you read the newspaper or if you get a lot of junk mail, you can recycle those. Your magazines, phone books and reading books can also be recycled. Schools and Offices can recycle all office paper. Things you don’t even think about but just throw away.  95% of your normal weekly trash can be recycled, did you know that? And with places to bring them to now, it has become easier for everyone to do their part to clean up the environment.


Instead of throwing these items in the trash, Recycle instead. You only need 2 containers – One for trash and One for recyclables. Reduce the loads being dumped at the landfills; save money on your trash bill and help make the Earth a greener environment. You don’t even have to sort the items. We will do that for you. We just ask that you rinse items out to prevent contamination.


 We also recycle large items such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, TV’s and all electronics such as computers, monitors, stereos, radios, etc. We are a Registered Indiana E-Waste Recycler. These can be dropped off at our Oak Street location. If at any time you need help unloading, there are people here from 8:00 – 4:30 Monday through Friday and 8:00 – 12:00 on Saturday. You can call ahead and make arrangements to schedule a drop off if you need help. If you are unsure if something can be recycled, feel fee to give us a call and ask.


Once your recyclables are collected and dropped of at the facility, the sorting process begins. The containers are dumped onto a conveyor system that carries it down a conveyor belt to be sorted into gaylords. All sorted items are then dumped into a baler which compacts it into a bale and is now ready to be loaded onto a trailer and shipped to a Recycle Processor of each product. All products are made into Post Recycled Products.